13 May 2008

First Iraqi meets Shimon Peres in Israel (never seen before footage) For Peace.
I was the first Iraqi to legally enter Israel in the history of the state for Peace, meets with Shimon Peres President of Israel in the Peres Centre for Peace. Joined by his colleagues from Breaking the Ice, the Sahara peace mission. I and my comrades set out to walk across the Sahara desert from Jerusalem to Tripoli, this is just one of the highlights from that Peace mission and his forthcoming documentary.

The other side of the coin (never seen before footage)
I was with Breaking the ice visiting the Palestinian territories. After we meeting with Shimon Peres, the BTI team went to meet with the Palestinian authority and we visit Yasser Arafat's grave. It is very important to listen to what the representatives of Israel and Palestine have to say, they both say that they want Peace and harmony between the Isrealis and the Palestinians, so who, or what is the cause of the conflict between the two sides and can it be resolved? Once again we see that as individuals we are happy to interact with one another it is only when we focus our attentions on ethnicity, religion or politics we point fingers.

Latif Yahia