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20 February 2009

What would happen when nine strangers from Diffrent enemy countries come together.

Breaking the Ice between cultures, Religions and Nationalities, we strive for tolerance and understanding in the belief that our humanity will unite us. Our journey from Jerusalem to Tripoli 5,800 km, through the Sahara desert took us the participants; Mohammad azzam Al-arjah of (PALESTINE) Colonel Ray Benson (USA) Gil Fogiel (ISRAEL) Galit Oren (ISRAEL) Yevgen Petrovich Koshushko (UKRAINE) Neda Sarmast (IRAN-USA) Capt. Daniel Patrick Sheridan (USA) Dr. Latif Yahia (IRAQ-Ireland) one month to complete with no influence from the outside world these disparate people had the time to get to know one another without the prejudices that the world places upon them. It is a monument to the fact that when all the misconceptions and cultural stereotyping is taken away we can all live together and like each other. This Peace Misssion took place in March of 2006.