16 July 2009

Truth Hurts!!
Latif Yahia in Trinity College Dublin-Irland

I will never stop fighting for what I believe and for the people that are going through Hell in their lives for disagreeing with what America is doing.
My book is banned because I wrote the truth about the CIA and what they did to me in the West after my flight from Iraq, the ten and a half months I spent in a covert CIA prison in Austria, and the torture I was subjected to, and this all well before anyone even heard the word "rendition". It also explains why after 18 years outside Iraq, I am still stateless, I have no country and no citizenship.
Because they tried to make me their dog like the puppets that they installed in Iraq and I refused this is why they make my life hell anywhere that I go.
The Iraqi people have lost a lot, the war in Iraq has changed them irrevocably, Iraq will never be the same again.
I decided to put my book for everyone to read for free on my blog because firstly it was nigh impossible to get in America and secondly all my proceeds from this book are going to charity, but the biggest reason I put it online is so that everyone around the world has access to it, I hope that it will open the eyes of people to the American administration and what they do in the name of the American people.
I would like to dispell the myth of America the benevolent, yes America helps other countries, to attain membership to the EU, with big business etc, but none of these things are free. America always has a price, opening the airports of a supposedly neutral country to its army for example Shannon airport in Ireland, installing missile bases, low price even free oil for 100 years being just some of its charges. America is not about humanity it is about business!
I have led an extraordinary life, I know this only too well, but my story has been manipulated also, during the run up to the invasion I was a fixture on most TV stations, I was held up as living proof of how tyrannical Saddam Hussein was, I was never allowed to speak about my life "after" Iraq. It didn't suit their agenda, when I became tired of the same ol' questions, they tried a new tack, to ask me about my life since then, my peace mission, my fight for a nationality but in the end it would always revert back to Uday, Saddam and that would be the only part that they would show, my real life, the one that I have spent nearly 18 years living is not of interest.....
I hope you enjoy reading my book,
Best regards,

Dr.Latif Yahia.
Ph.D International Law
Globel Human Rightsand Activis