30 December 2010

Many Arab officials have close CIA links: Assange

Top officials in several Arab countries have close links with the CIA, and many officials keep visiting US embassies in their respective countries voluntarily to establish links with this key US intelligence agency, says Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks.

“These officials are spies for the US in their countries,” Assange told Al Jazeera Arabic channel in an interview yesterday.

The interviewer, Ahmed Mansour, said at the start of the interview which was a continuation of last week’s interface, that Assange had even shown him the files that contained the names of some top Arab officials with alleged links with the CIA.

Assange or Mansour, however, didn’t disclose the names of these officials. The WikiLeaks founder said he feared he could be killed but added that there were 2,000 websites that were ready to publish the remaining files that are in possession of WikiLeaks after “he has been done away with”.

“If I am killed or detained for a long time, there are 2,000 websites ready to publish the remaining files. We have protected these websites through very safe passwords,” said Assange.

Currently, his whistle-blowing website is exposing files in a ‘responsible’ manner, he claimed. “But if I am forced we could go to the extreme and expose each and every file that we have access to,” thundered the WikiLeaks founder. “We must protect our sources at whatever cost. This is our sincere concern.”

Some Arab countries even have torture houses where Washington regularly sends ‘suspects’ for ‘interrogation and torture’, he said.

WikiLeaks is receiving sensitive files from Afghanistan, Kenya, Russia and China, among other countries. For nine years the US and Nato forces have failed to silence people in Afghanistan because the people there are loyal and truthful. The US marines fighting in Afghanistan are not happy being there and don’t really know why they are there and fighting for what, said Assange.The US is trying to use latest technology to disrupt his website but in vain.

“Washington is also projecting me as a terrorist and wants to convince the world that I am another Osama bin Laden,” he said. According to Assange, he will be put on a trial for his various expose in a special court in London from January 11, 2011 and this court deals with terror-related cases.

“If the UK (where I am based right now) decides to hand me over to Sweden for alleged cases of sexual abuse, they (Stockholm) would hand me over to the US,” he said. Assange said he feared that the US might slap laws declaring him as a spy who had been acting against Washington. The Pentagon has set up a ‘war room’ manned by 120 officials and their job is just to disrupt and destroy WikiLeaks, he said.

“We have more files dealing with defense issues of Central Europe, but I or my staff didn’t have the time to go through all of them.” What is being published by the five media partners of WikiLeaks are publishing only those details which they think are interesting for their readers. There are some Arab officials who are ‘stealing’ oil of their countries.

“We need these media partners to focus more on this issue,” Assange said in this extensive, interesting and last version of his interface with Doha-based Aljazeera. US embassies around the world are very anxious about Israel, Iran, Labour unions, arms dealings (mainly selling of American arms), and spying through high-tech devices.

28 December 2010

UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection
the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression

Joint Statement On Wikileaks

December 21, 2010 – In light of ongoing developments related to the release of diplomatic cables by the organization Wikileaks, and the publication of information contained in those cables by mainstream news organizations, the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression see fit to recall a number of international legal principles. The rapporteurs call upon States and other relevant actors to keep these principles in mind when responding to the aforementioned developments.

1. The right to access information held by public authorities is a fundamental human right subject to a strict regime of exceptions. The right to access to information protects the right of every person to access public information and to know what governments are doing on their behalf. It is a right that has received particular attention from the international community, given its importance to the consolidation, functioning and preservation of democratic regimes. Without the protection of this right, it is impossible for citizens to know the truth, demand accountability and fully exercise their right to political participation. National authorities should take active steps to ensure the principle of maximum transparency, address the culture of secrecy that still prevails in many countries and increase the amount of information subject to routine disclosure.

2. At the same time, the right of access to information should be subject to a narrowly tailored system of exceptions to protect overriding public and private interests such as national security and the rights and security of other persons. Secrecy laws should define national security precisely and indicate clearly the criteria which should be used in determining whether or not information can be declared secret. Exceptions to access to information on national security or other grounds should apply only where there is a risk of substantial harm to the protected interest and where that harm is greater than the overall public interest in having access to the information. In accordance with international standards, information regarding human rights violations should not be considered secret or classified.

3. Public authorities and their staff bear sole responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of legitimately classified information under their control. Other individuals, including journalists, media workers and civil society representatives, who receive and disseminate classified information because they believe it is in the public interest, should not be subject to liability unless they committed fraud or another crime to obtain the information. In addition, government "whistleblowers" releasing information on violations of the law, on wrongdoing by public bodies, on a serious threat to health, safety or the environment, or on a breach of human rights or humanitarian law should be protected against legal, administrative or employment-related sanctions if they act in good faith. Any attempt to impose subsequent liability on those who disseminate classified information should be grounded in previously established laws enforced by impartial and independent legal systems with full respect for due process guarantees, including the right to appeal.

4. Direct or indirect government interference in or pressure exerted upon any expression or information transmitted through any means of oral, written, artistic, visual or electronic communication must be prohibited by law when it is aimed at influencing content. Such illegitimate interference includes politically motivated legal cases brought against journalists and independent media, and blocking of websites and web domains on political grounds. Calls by public officials for illegitimate retributive action are not acceptable.

5. Filtering systems which are not end-user controlled – whether imposed by a government or commercial service provider – are a form of prior censorship and cannot be justified. Corporations that provide Internet services should make an effort to ensure that they respect the rights of their clients to use the Internet without arbitrary interference.

6. Self-regulatory mechanisms for journalists have played an important role in fostering greater awareness about how to report on and address difficult and controversial subjects. Special journalistic responsibility is called for when reporting information from confidential sources that may affect valuable interests such as fundamental rights or the security of other persons. Ethical codes for journalists should therefore provide for an evaluation of the public interest in obtaining such information. Such codes can also provide useful guidance for new forms of communication and for new media organizations, which should likewise voluntarily adopt ethical best practices to ensure that the information made available is accurate, fairly presented and does not cause substantial harm to legally protected interests such as human rights.

Catalina Botero Marino
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression

Frank LaRue
UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression

24 December 2010

WTF? – CIA enters WikiLeaks war

The CIA has set up a unique task force dedicated to assessing the impact of the recent deluge of leaked diplomatic cables and military files from the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Reports in the US media describe how the WikiLeaks Task Force - which has quickly earned the acronym “WTF” - has been established to provide an “extensive inventory” of all the information that has come out through a number of high profile leaks of classified information.

Julian Assange – espenmoe/flickr

The task force is thought to be involved in calculating the immediate effects of the releases, such as the US ability to recruit informants.

This new role was widely unexpected given that the CIA is one of the government agencies least effected by the leaks, whose source remains unknown despite the continuing imprisonment of former intelligence officer Bradley Manning.

A reluctance on the part of senior CIA staff to share their intelligence on the same platform from which the leaks were taken has meant that only a few files out of hundreds of thousands refer to CIA activities.

The CIA’s system has always been separate from “SIPRNET” – the Pentagon’s classified worldwide three million-strong network from which the leaks were taken – despite most of the reports having a similar secret-level status.

To some within the agency, the leaks have justified the policy of separation – one that came under severe scrutiny after failed inter-agency communications led in part to the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11 2001.

“[The CIA] has not capitulated to this business of making everything available to outsiders. They don’t even make everything available to insiders. And by and large the system has worked,” an unnamed CIA veteran WAS quoted in the Washington Post.

“The consensus was that there were simply too many people potentially who had access [to SIPRNET],” another source is quoted as saying.

Julian Assange, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Wikileaks, remains on bail in the UK pending an extradition hearing in relation to an alleged case of sexual assault in Sweden.

04 December 2010

Geography of a Woman

Between 18 and 22 a woman is like Africa... half discovered, half wild, naturally beautiful with fertile deltas.
Between 23 and 30 a woman is like America... well developed and open to trade, especially for high financed investors.
Between 31 and 45 a woman is like India... very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.
Between 46 and 55 a woman is like France... gently aging but sensual with an appreciation for the finer things.
Between 56 and 60 she is like Yugoslavia... lost the war, haunted by past mistakes and in need of massive reconstruction.
From 61 on, a woman is like Afghanistan... everyone knows where it is, but no one wants to go there.

Geography of a man

Between 15 and 60 a man is like Ireland... ruled by a DICK.

30 November 2010

This House hates Human Rights (Cambridge Union)


the Title of the debate was (This House hates Human Rights) The debate took place in Cambridge Union Society, in UK 25/Nov/2010.


1-Andy Hayman : was the highest ranking officer responsible for counter-terrorism in the UK whilst at London's Metropolitan Police, and was directly responsible for the investigation into the 7 July London bombings.

2-Peter Hitchens : writes for The Mail on Sunday. A former resident correspondent in Moscow and Washington, he appears frequently on radio and television, debating typically left-wing opponents on a variety of topics.

3-Charles Drummond : is a history PhD student at Trinity College. A graduate of Harvard University, Drummond was a liaison to national security fellows at the Kennedy School of Government and an intern at the American Bar Association, where he worked on issues of human rights law.


1-Philip Murray : is currently studying for a PhD in public law at Corpus Christi College, where he also teaches constitutional law. His research covers a broad range of constitutional issues, including human rights law.

2-Isabella Sanky :

3-Dr. Latif Yahia : PhD International Law an Iraqi-born author, blogger and former military officer in the Iran-Iraq War. Dr Yahia was also forcibly recruited to be the body double of Saddam Hussein's elder son Uday Hussein.

Part 1 Andy Hayman.

Part 2 Philip Murray.

Part 3 Charles Drummond.

Part 4 Isabella Sanky.

Part 5 Peter Hitchens.

Part 6 Dr. Latif Yahia.

17 November 2010

The Iraqi police and Militias are hand in hand to destroy Iraqis.
By: Latif Yahia

For those that do not read Arabic, this video shows the so-called Iraqi Police who are actually Militias abusing Iraqi people. This is why I put the title "The Iraqi police and Militias are hand in hand to destroy Iraqis"
The real problem now is that half of these so-called Iraqi police have fled Iraq and are seeking Asylum in European and Western countries, having seen this footage and taking it as typical behavior, would you be comfortable having one of these guys become a refugee in your country?
Once they attain refugee status they return to Iraq to kill, kidnap and make money to send to the country that they have status in, when they have filled their account they go back to the country of status and await citizenship. These countries that they hide this blood money in never ask where it came from, they do their dirty job in Iraq save the money in the West until they become citizens and then return to Iraq with Western passports so that no one can touch them. All you have to do is take the former and present incarnations of the Iraqi governments as examples, they all sat in the UK , America, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Cyprus, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and more, even Asia, taking social welfare and boom all of a sudden they are multimillionaires
No one asks the hard questions because this is the Hypocrisy of Western countries, if something happens with these people in the countries that they have status in they are marked as terrorists, when they go and do the same things in their homeland it is fine 'no problem'
I have not found justice or real human rights in any country in my last 19 years in the West, any country that is known not to have human rights or a justice system if they are friends with the west suffer no consequences, Saudi Arabia would be a perfect example 17 of the 9/11 Hijackers were Saudi, but Saudi was not invaded, because Saudi is America's friend, instead they invaded Iraq, a country that has never attacked America, nor did it have the capability to as the US was fully aware.
Jalal Talabani and Saddam 1991 Baghdad
Massoud Barzani and Saddam 1996 Baghdad
It's 'old news' but I will say it again to keep it fresh in our minds, Iraq did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. When the American administration realized or acknowledged this they immediately changed their reasons for invasion from 'Imminent threat' to ' Removal of Dictator' because Saddam, as America then decided, could not remain in power, as he had in the past killed members of his own society. The reasons were unimportant. Saddam HAD to be removed.
Now he has been replaced by not one but 325 new murderers, plus the President and his Militia in what is now known as Kurdistan, each political party has it's own Private Army or Militia. We have attained a new record in Iraq, we have two serving Presidents one who serves just for the North Massoud Barzani, and one in Baghdad who has been 'elected' for the second time Jalal Talabani. Barzani forced the Iraqi government and all the political leaders to re-elect Talabani because he was afraid that if Talabani did not have a job elsewhere, he may go back to 'Kurdistan' and continue the 1996 war when Barzani asked Saddam Hussein to bring the Republic Guard to fight with him against Talabani and his Army.
Since 2003, over 1 million Iraqis have been killed under the eyes of the Americans who came to 'install' Democracy in Iraq. There are over 5 million Iraqi refugees inside and outside Iraq.
My question is, who will pay the price ultimately, the Iraqi people or the Western countries?
For the moment the Western countries are not concerned with this problem as there is enough money coming out of Iraq that can be frozen or seized to compensate them enough in this world recession. In the last seven years 364 billion has gone missing from Iraq, this is what the government has admitted to.
To put into perspective how large an amount this is we shall do this exercise;
If I were to count to 1 million without interruption it would take me nearly one week.
If I were to count to 1 Billion without interruption it would take me 35 years.
now multiply that by 364, it equals 12,740, that's how many years I would spend counting the money Iraq has lost.
To be continued.

27 October 2010

Bodies of mutilated
civilians dumped across Baghdad.

The war logs record US soldiers finding tens of thousands of bodies dumped on the streets and thrown into the rivers of Iraq, as violence broke out across the country.

There are 32,563 cases of civilian murders by insurgent groups, according to the files substantially more than the 20,228 killed in IED explosions.

In hundreds of cases there are also references to torture, including that of 32 children.

The violence detailed in the documents is horrific. It includes skin peeled from bodies, acid burns, attacks with electric drills, electrocution, branding, fingers and limbs torn off, eyes pulled out, ears, noses and parts of the face sliced off.

Iraqi workers carry a body to be buried in Najaf - Getty

he first case of insurgent torture was recorded on April 20 2004. It describes a corpse found near Fallujah with indications of mutilation.

The level of violence got worse as the civil war progressed, and was not only confined to adults.

In 2006 in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, a six-year-old boy’s body was found. The log recorded “several small holes originally thought to be gunshot wounds were holes caused by a drill.”

In June 2007 in a Baghdad district, the corpse of a man, around 30-35 years old, dressed in a tan dishdasha was discovered. The flesh of his arm was missing, “as if peeled off”.

Related article: Hundreds of civilians killed at checkpoints

Deaths in Baghdad

Killed for working for the Coalition
In most cases, it is unclear why the victim had been tortured.

There are a couple of instances, however, where signs were hung, pinned or written on the mutilated corpses, giving stark warnings to anyone aiding the Coalition forces.

On June 20 2007, the bodies of two teenage boys were found by an Iraqi officer. They had both been executed with a single gunshot wound to the head, and both exhibited signs of torture. A sign around their necks read “This is what happens when you work for CF”.

One man was found tied to a lamp pole, blindfolded with his hands lashed behind his back. The message inscribed on his body read “Killed for helping the Americans.” The report states that his body bore the signs of torture. His corpse was found in al Karkh in October 2007.

Violence in Baghdad
Many of the bodies exhibiting extreme torture were found in al Karkh, a central district of Baghdad between 2006 and 2009.

In one case, on September 28 2006, a body was found in front of a graveyard by local civilians. Witnesses said the victim had been kidnapped a day earlier outside a ceramics shop by four masked insurgents. He had then been submitted to vicious abuse.

On December 1 2006, a body was found that had been disemboweled. Two weeks later another body, in the same area, was found with the face “cut up” and missing an ear.

In a particularly gruesome example, on February 6 2007, a body was unidentifiable due to the victim’s face being entirely removed, or “skinned”.

Women and children killed
In some incidents, the bodies of women and children are discovered. In one harrowing case, again in the Karkh district of Baghdad, the body of a pregnant woman was found flex-cuffed, bearing the signs of torture. She had been executed with a 9mm round to the head.

In another, a Sunni woman in her thirties was found murdered in her apartment. One of her eyes was missing, and her entire body has been tortured using a drill.

Interactive: All casualties, month by month

Mass Graves
The logs also detail how US troops discovered mass graves – sometimes containing dozens of corpses at a time.

On July 12 2006, a US aircraft spotted a large number of corpses dumped in a quarry in the northern Iraq province of Diyala. Ground troops investigating the grave discovered 19 bodies, badly burned with nitric acid. They later discovered four additional bodies, all male, displaying signs of torture, and killed by a gunshot wound to the head. The group had been kidnapped earlier that day.

26 October 2010


Helicopter gunship kills Iraqi Journalist.

this is one of the videos that has been released through the Wikileaks website, the day of America hiding what they are doing around the world has come to an end. There are people inside the whitehouse, Pentagon and CIA that do not agree with America's policy and now have the means through the internet to let the world know what is going on.
We are no longer in the time of the Vietnam war when the pictures and the lies were all that we had, information is instant. Thanks to Wikileaks for bringing all this to light, may you remain successful in your fight for freedom of information and speech.

18 October 2010

Al-Qaeda the biggest Myth built by the CIA.

By: Latif Yahia

Bin Laden did not invent Al-Qaeda, this name for the Jihadist party only came about after 9/11. Al-Qaeda as we now know it was funded, trained and armed by the CIA and serves two purposes, the first is to strike terror into any and all persons and countries that is beneficial to America for sales of weapons, contractors or services. Secondly it draws out those who have ill will against America and befriends them under the illusion of fighting for the same aim, the irony is that they then become pawns for a master they set out to harm, ignorant that their comrades are indeed the enemy. America has an enemy indeed but one of it's own making and choosing.
This is the biggest scandal in the history of the CIA.
with this enemy America now has the means to perpetuate "Terrorism" around the world for the next 50 to 100 years, anything and everything will be blamed on Al-Qaeda or a similar faceless enemy, one that can never be found or fought in open battle, there is only really one other entity that the same can be said of, a Ghost.

13 October 2010

Brace Yourself !!

By: Latif Yahia

There are people who like to look at the tittles of my blogs and decide that they know exactly what I have written about without ever reading the article in it’s entirety, so for those few who have already decided that this article is about the purported threat to Europe by Al-Qaeda, it’s not.

I will however say that Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy, an enemy designed in such a way that each ‘cell’ is independent and knows nothing of one another, and therefore unorganized or at least not organized on a large scale. And while I am here discussing Al-Qaeda, can I just say for those who are reading this and may not know my viewpoint on the dreaded Al -Qaeda, it is that they are nothing but CIA in fancy dress.

There may indeed be an explosion or two in Europe, but nothing on the scale that the Americans would like or hope. You see it all comes down to the dollar, America is doing her best to keep hold of what dollars she has and that means no trips to Europe for her citizens and no tourism for Europe means a drop in the value of the Euro making the dollar stronger. When in your lifetime have you heard anyone saying or warning that Europe is not a safe place, have we become a third world country/ State?

Anyone who thinks that the German or French intelligence services are weak are wrong. I would never say that the British intelligence is weak but in the past they have been too mislead by the USA, hence 07/07, how many times will governments use that tactic to drag us into wars? ‘We have been attacked on our soil so we must run across the world and defend ourselves’ At least the British have left Iraq but for the life of me I still don’t understand why anyone is still in Afghanistan! Oh, hang on, the pipeline isn’t finished yet is it?!

So now on to the real topic of my article!

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 (who could forget) millions of Iraqis have been displaced, some within the borders of Iraq, some outside in the neighboring countries of Syria (God Bless them) and Jordan, but many made it to Europe, interestingly enough America only took 7,000 Iraqi refugees (translators and people who worked with them) and left the rest to Europe to provide shelter for. Thank you Europe. But while countries like the UK, Germany and even Ireland are heaving a sigh of relief that the stream of refugees is dwindling, we are in for a second wave. The political situation in Iraq is farcical, having had a democracy ‘installed’

after the fall of Saddam and the chaos and murder that followed, Iraq is now facing into a Civil war. A war that no one will be able to deny exists.

In the past the factions fought against each other under the backdrop of American military operations, it was labeled ‘inter-factional conflict’ and although it was very serious it was played down against the bigger picture. Now it will be a different matter, with the American troops pulling out of the cities the time for Iraq’s true problems to surface has arrived.

In the last election Malaki was defeated by Alawi, Malaki however would not and did not step down, no matter what the Americans said or did, no matter that Alawi had been Democratically elected, Noor al-Malaki said that he ‘would not step down and let Iraq fall into Sunni hands once more’. So where then is the democracy? Iraq now has a new dictator, and what is worse America has given into him and acknowledged that he is staying in his chair, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Malaki has given the go-ahead to payments amounting to 400 million Dollars for six American soldiers that have been damaged psychologically during the war. Well who asked them to come? And if one participates in a war and sees the brutality and bloodshed ‘up close and personal’ why wouldn’t they be damaged in some way? Is it to be a new system that whomever is invaded not only has to pay for the invasion but any psychological damages incurred by the soldiers of the invading force?

Sounds like a lucrative business.

Al-Malaki fronts the Iranian backed Shia parties, which also now means that Iraq is governed by Iran, so again how is Iraq better off?

In the past no one really paid any attention to whether you were Sunni, Shia, Christian or Jewish, we all fell under one heading Iraqi. Now not only do we have the main religious divides but smaller splinter factions that have seen what power religion can wield. Each Mullah is or has built his own army, Shia against Shia, each area has become an independent state, with the Mullah at the helm. This cannot be allowed to continue and is indeed unsustainable, but will cause bloodshed. Apart from the bloodshed there will be another mass exodus and they will head straight for Europe. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that the best part of 1.5 – 2 million Iraqis will make it their business to get as far away from Iraq as possible (let’s face it they’re not going to get to America so Europe it is) in the next one to two years. Will Europe be able to take the strain?

Iraq was built on blood, since the earliest days of civilization Iraq has been fought over and blood spilled on her soil. Maybe that is why we now see war and migration as nearly a ‘natural state’ of existence, but it has to stop. Maybe the idea is to cleanse Iraq of all the Iraqis by displacement or death but in any other country that would be considered genocide, obviously that name is ‘too good’ for Iraqis these days and is reserved only for the actions of Saddam ‘the last of the great dictators’, what we now have in Iraq is no better. When a man refuses to leave the chair to which he was ‘elected’ then you cannot say ‘democracy’ any longer, and if you cannot say Iraq and democracy in the same sentence what has the past Seven years all been about? Because it certainly wasn’t about WMDs or the salvation of the Iraqi nation, but shhh! We can’t say that now, we must just support the troops and hope that it all works out fine in the end otherwise we might be considered traitors or unpatriotic, God Forbid!

Then may I just add, what about freedom of speech?

And may I ask why Europe has to pay the price for America’s actions in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting refugees and protecting itself against threatened 09/11 style attacks?

I am very grateful to Europe and in particular Ireland, as I have spent the best part of 20 years here, Europe has given me a generally safe and in recent years a particularly happy life, which I would wish for anyone. Why should any of the European states be vilified or blamed for a war on which no one can agree or openly admit was wrong, by a country that closes its eyes and borders to the human tragedy that is the result of their actions. I think in light of the recent ‘terrorist threats’ against the great capitals of Europe, America and the world will see that Europeans are not as easily scared and molded as their American cousins.

05 October 2010

Dominic Cooper on Playing
Saddam's Hussein's Son Uday.

BY Bryan Alexander

Every actor has that role which would seemingly be impossible to understand. For British actor Dominic Cooper that would be playing Saddam Hussein's sadistic son Uday.

Cooper portrayed the eldest son of the Iraqi leader for the upcoming film "The Devil's Double" and admits to PopcornBiz that he prepared for the part "with difficulty."

"The man was a monster, a psychopath," he says, speaking at the press day of his new film "Tamara Drewe."

"It was terrifying."

Looking into the damage the Iraqi heir-apparent caused in his own country was incredibly difficult. Uday and his younger brother Qusay had a reign of terror that went unchecked in their country.

"He was above the law," says Cooper. "There was nothing stopping him. He killed and raped and maimed."

"He was the most hideous man I have ever done any research on."

Yet somehow, Cooper had to find a way to identify with this character. At one point, he resorted to taking advice from the film's director, Lee Tamahori, about how this would be possible.

"I want to bring a certain amount of myself to the characters. Most actors do," says Cooper. "You want to make a connection to a certain part in you."

This was difficult with Uday Hussein.

"I needed help identifying with someone I ultimately hated," he adds. " And I had to understand the concept of why he was the man he was."

To make matters worse. Cooper had to play two characters. Both Uday and his sympathetic body double around whom the story is told.

"And there's a lot of pressure to get it right because he affected so many people's lives so horrendously," Cooper says.

In the end, he found his Uday, and he promises a chilling film.

"It's a harrowing story," says Cooper. "But ultimately it's a gangster film set in a lawless environment."

16 September 2010

Murders exchange Medals for Peace.

By: Latif Yahia

Having heard the news on the 13th of September that Tony Blair was receiving the Liberty Medal for his “Critical role in advancing peace in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and his steadfast commitment to conflict resolution” I sat back in my chair and wondered whether I had fallen into a parallel universe.

Actually, to be very honest it is not the first time that I have visited this parallel universe. I visit it every time a world leader/politician who while in office, used force against another sovereign state and once out of office decided to ‘work for peace’ and was given medals or awards for it!

Now of course Tony Blair did do some good and nice things while he was in office, but for me it will always be overshadowed by his decision to follow Bush into Iraq. There are a lot of things that I could say about the decisions taken, but I think that the hardest part for me to accept Blair’s reasons for going in, was his strong belief that Saddam was a threat and he needed to be removed for ‘stability’ in the region. Saddam never threatened the UK and indeed it was proven then and is repeatedly proven to this day that even if he did have the desire, he certainly did not have the capability.

I don’t think that anyone would or could say that Iraq or the middle east is a more stable region now either, in fact the opposite is true, Iran now rules Iraq. This is shown by the fact that Noori Al-Maliki (Iranian backed Shia) refuses doggedly to hand over the reigns of power to his successor Aiyad Alawi (backed by US and UK), whom I might add was DEMOCRATICALLY elected, something that was also purportedly a very important reason for deposing Saddam.

Mr. Blair now gives motivational speeches on tolerance between faiths, works towards improving governance in Africa and Brokers peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Noble causes indeed, but would it not have been better for Mr. Blair to lead by example while in office?

Since Tony Blair left not only Downing street but government he has made many changes, he converted to Catholicism, he is donating the proceeds from his book sales to the British Legion, he formed the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and has become a Peace Ambassador, is he fulfilling lifelong dreams or trying to atone for many of the decisions he made in the past ten years?

What I also found amusing and ironic was that Bill Clinton presented this award to Tony, now for those of you that don’t know, Mr. Clinton had a daily bombing campaign, yes, each day or every other day, from 1993 until he/Monica finished his time in office he would drop bombs on Iraq and he also imposed the ‘no fly zone’. Some might also say that Bill paved the way for Bush’s invasion when he had the ‘Iraqi Freedom’ law passed in Congress in 1998. But now Bill also works for Peace.

So here we have Bill who used to just bomb Iraq giving the Liberty Medal to Tony who went one better and actually invaded it! It makes you wonder what award they have ready for George W. Bush? A Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe not, seemingly seven of the recipients of the Liberty Medal have gone on to receive a Nobel Prize, Tony may have that one in the bag too.

Politics is a dirty sticky business, those who want the power do what it takes, whatever that happens to be at the time, but when their time is over, see the error of their ways and spend the rest of their lives trying to make amends and give their friends jobs helping them to make amends. Why don’t we find a way to stop this cycle? Why is it that leaders have to do it this way? Can they not just ‘do good’ for their people from the start? Or is it that what is good and right is not what is profitable or powerful? Are they really our leaders or is someone else pulling the strings?

09 September 2010

Bring Tony Blair to Trial for War Crime.

Tony Blair, would have us believe that he made the decision to go to war based on the best intelligence available at the time, and in his own words at the Hutton inquiry said he had “no doubt” that Saddam had WMD’s and that he was an imminent threat to the safety of the USA and the UK.

We have since seen the evidence put before us to go to war turn to ash, but Mr. Blair stands by his decision ‘til this day. Has he no remorse for the loss of Iraqi people and British troops? I understand the need for Mr. Blair to believe that he was right, but really, as a Labour Party leader his decisions flung in the face of his party’s policies, he became more Conservative than the Conservatives!

It all leads to many questions, have all the political parties melded into one? Have the rights of the individual been sold for the rights of the corporations? How much power have we handed to our governments under the illusion of protection from terrorists? Who are the real ‘terrorists’? How can we regain our power from the government? And possibly the hardest question of all, how can we stop this happening again?

If George Walker Bush and Tony Blair are allowed to continue on with their lives without any culpability what is there to deter any future leader from taking the same actions against another Sovereign Nation?

These men have to be held accountable for their actions, because if the are not then the lives of those who died count for nothing and we cannot call ourselves democratic nor inspirational.

Best regards,
Dr.Latif Yahia.☮
Ph.D International Law
Global Human Rights Activist.

06 September 2010

Bring George W Bush to Trial for Genocide.

Never has it happened that such a well known and respected prosecutor in America has taken such a stance against a President. Having had three bestselling books and winning all his cases Vincent Bugliosi is now set to do his utmost to get George W. Bush to stand trial for the atrocities that he committed not only in Iraq but against his own countrymen and women. Support him and let us finally see some justice in this world and let us see America as a beacon of Democracy as we once did.

02 September 2010

Why do we elect f**kin' idiots and then complain?

We have this mental picture of democracy but really we live in dictatorships, some are just worse than others, and let's face it the dictatorships that exist now have been installed by the West's democracies! there is no government democracy or not in this world that can survive if it doesn't have the backing of the Big Boys. Forget armies, there is such a thing as an Economic assassin.

22 August 2010

Save our civilization from the New world Order.

Don't believe the lies, every vote counts and your expression of disappointment with your government will make a change. We are kept in an environment of fear to control us, ask yourself who benefits from our submission? Who gains from our fear and our readiness to relinquish the freedoms that we once fought so hard to attain but now hand over as if they were nothing of importance. You have the power use your voice, cast your vote, stand your ground. You can make a difference! Wake up! the power is in your hands!

16 August 2010

Your facebook page, 100% American CIA

Your facebook page, 100% American CIASince it's birth Facebook has gained more and more popularity. But what is the data you upload to your facebook page used for? Who controls it? Let's face it you put more about you on your facebok page than you would on any other kind of survey or questionnaire, phone number, date of birth, address, credit card details, business or occupation, contact details, the list goes on. It's no wonder that many a social welfare fraud has been caught out by their facebook page, but what else are they monitoring?

18 June 2010

( Forewarned is Forearmed )
By Latif Yahia

Death Squads 2003 Iraq
As Buddha sat under the tree pondering whether he should reveal the content of his enlightenment to the world, I sit at this computer debating whether or not I should give you all this next piece of Information.
I have tried to give this piece of information to the authorities but, as always, because I am not on their payroll and they don't like what I have to say, they ignore me and disparage my credibility.
The fact is that I don’t like this information any better that the next guy, but it's the truth and it's coming.
AL-Hakem in Iran 2002
Before I begin, I want you to understand something, yes I am called a Sunni, but my mother is Kurdish and my sister married a Shia, before the American invasion in 2003 we did not have segregation. I celebrated Christmas with my Christian friends, we would make Harisa (a Shia dish made around the time of the Ashur) for the Shia festivals and eat alongside them, and there was no problem. We all lived in symbiosis, each had a place and we all just got along. Yes Saddam Hussein was called a Sunni also, but do you really believe that every person in his government and army was Sunni also? There were Kurds, Shia, Christians in his government and he was an equal opportunities killer too, he cared little for your ethnicity, just for his chair.

Since 2003 in Iraq there are Death Squads, these groups of Iranian backed Shia militias have orders to kill all Sunni Arabs in Iraq, this in itself is horrific, but it is not just the slaughtering of innocent people that is happening. These Death Squads mutilate and desecrate the corpses of their victims, some are decapitated, others have their eyes gorged out, some are killed with power tools. Why the barbarity? It is the belief of these Shia that they must bring on the second coming, the Mehidi, that the more blood they spill the quicker the onset of the second coming will be.
So far the Sunnis that have been killed are Army Officers that served during the Iran/Iraq war, any educated people, doctors, engineers, teachers, professors or Judges.
To you and I this is an unbelievable ideology, but these people believe this is the only way as you and I believe the sky is blue and George Bush is an idiot.
Osama Bin Laden is renowned for being a fundamentalist Islamist but he pales in comparison to the Mehidi Militias. When I was in the Iran/ Iraq war I saw them first hand, we had heavy tanks and artillery, they had swords and their little blue keys to paradise, and they kept coming, and coming, and coming. Eight years we fought that war and millions of lives were lost, we were strong but they feared nothing and that made them nigh on invincible.

It is easy for us to sit back and look at these Mullahs and think that they are stupid or think only for their religion. These men think far in advance, while we are thinking about where we might go on holiday this year, they are thinking about how they might have to fund their army or militias in twenty years time.
In the '80's during the Iran/Iraq war, Iran sent out to the West refugees, not all of these refugees were that, in fact some of these so called refugees were actually Iranian Intelligence. They were given asylum here in the West and they lived quietly, working away and building their companies and businesses. They were given extra money by the Iranian government to buy buildings invest in the stock market etc. It is hard to estimate how much they have actually accumulated over the past twenty or so years, but certainly enough for their task ahead.
Iraqi's in general do not believe in suicide bombings, not that they don't believe in the reason behind it, just they wouldn't sacrifice themselves in that way, yes they might fight with guns at least they would have a 50/50 chance of survival, but to actually blow themselves up? No. The Iranians do.
In the past six months these Death Squads have been filtering out of Iraq through Iran with the help of the Iranian government. Why? For several reasons, they have enemies in the West that they would like exterminated, people who have in the past done or said something about the Iranian Mullahs or government. Members of the Iranian opposition, journalists that have done stories that may have put Iran in a bad light, the reasons vary but the list is there and there are over a hundred names on it.
They come to the west and apply for asylum as Iraqi Sunnis, once they have been granted asylum they start their search for the names on the list, so far these Death Squads have reached Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Syria in the middle-East. In the West they are in the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Ireland and Cyprus.
I do not wish to cause a panic; these murderers are not here for you or your family, unless you're on the list. What is frightening is the bigger picture; Iran at this moment in time is pumping money into every Shia enclave around the world making them more powerful, why? To bring the Persian Empire back to the world. As odd as it may sound they have not forgotten or forgiven those involved in the fall of the Persian Empire and they want revenge no matter how long it may take. When the time comes they will liquefy their assets here in the west, and enable their suicide bombers and then we will know the truth of their power in the world.
At this moment in time Iran has the Jaish Al- Quds ( the Army of Jerusalem) it is 1 million strong, within it there is The Martyrs Brigade, they are 120,000 and 50% of them are here in the West they speak Arabic fluently with an Iraqi accent and have claimed asylum as Iraqi Sunnis.
The purpose of this Army is to remove Israel from the map and to return Jerusalem and the Holy land to the Muslims.

At this time it may look like America is sounding it's war drums against Iran, this is nothing but smoke and mirrors to continue the "war on Terror", America will not hit Iran at least not in the near future, they have business together albeit under the table. Like 9/11 and the Madrid bombings our governments knew of the threat but decided to ignore the warnings or to do anything about it, I am issuing you the warning so that you know.

In Iraq it is not in America's interest to try to change anything, I will give you an example, before the Invasion in 2003 there was an Iranian called Bayan jabr Solach he called himself Iraqi opposition and sat in Syria for 25 years. He was a member of the Iranian backed Al- Dahwa party, when the Americans invaded he put himself forward as advisor to Al-Badr for his militia, the Americans gave him an Iraqi name Bayan Al-Zubaidi and made him Minister of homeland security. He then proceeded to kick out all of the Sunnis in his Ministry and replace them with people from the Al-Badr militia; he also employed 1,500 Al-Badr devotees in the Iraqi police force, giving them all high ranking positions.
Bayan jabr Solach 2005 in Iraq
Each Iraqi official has two American advisors that are constantly by their side, when Al-Zubaidi formed his death squads these American Advisors took the news to the American government, the Foreign Minister, the CIA and the Pentagon, they believed that Al-Zubaidi would be removed from the Iraqi Interim government, unfortunately they were told it was none of their business and were removed from their positions. Their names are; Mark Karm and the other Rick Clay, they were rewarded for their honesty and honour by being suspended from their jobs and recalled to America.
After the Elections in Iraq AL-Zubaidi was made finance Minister and repeated the process of ethnically cleansing the Sunnis from his new Ministry. In addition he opened the 10th floor of his Ministry as a place of torture and murder.
He also completely forgot his 25 years in Syria and now condemns the Syrians for letting the "terrorists" through their borders.
On a different note he also holds both British and American citizenship.

To be continued…

New Iraq

this video shows how the death squads and Militias supported by Iran are brutal in the exercise of their agenda +18 film

03 June 2010

Wake up World!

By Latif Yahia
This video proves that we were all fooled and foolish to believe the propaganda pushed upon us from 2001 until this day. Nothing has "Changed for good" or bad. It is easy to forget or be bored by listening to the reasons that we were given for War, but if we do not learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. The next wars will not be for oil, but water, watch out Canada!
Listen and remember. We now know that all the reasons that we were given for war were lies, Regime change in Iraq was the only reason for the Invasion in 2003, as Saddam was tried and hanged for his crimes against Iraq so now should the perpetrators of the lies be brought to account, it is not just the lives of the Iraqi people that have been irrevocably changed, but the lives of many Americans, Britons and all the other Nations led by America on this fools errand. It is not enough to say"oh well, we're there now, we must continue and support our troops" If your government really were concerned about your troops they would have kept to their own rule "Never to put a single soldier in harms way without good cause".

02 June 2010

Friend or foe?

By Latif Yahia

How much we have progressed in the last century, the technological breakthroughs have been endless. Most of it in thanks to Military research, believe it or not. Of all the wonders that military funding has brought us, the world wide web is probably the best, but more than likely, the one that they rue the most. Why? Because the day that the www went live was the day that they lost control of it, and since that day they have been fighting to get it back.

Of course, that is impossible, no one can control the internet, it is as varied and rich in information as it’s users. Anything you want to find out you can do with a good search engine, catch up with old school chums? Tick! Meet interesting singles? Tick again! Want to watch a TV show, you betcha’! But the most popular thing to do is ‘make friends’, there are many social sites MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and probably the most well known and in some cases loved, is Facebook.

I started using Facebook about a year ago, I was a myspace user and had a good amount of friends and was happy enough there. Then my friends from myspace started to migrate over to Facebook, I started hearing all this ‘buzz’ on the TV and online from people, Facebook this and Facebook that. Suddenly, it came to a point where if I wanted to keep in touch with anyone I had to have a Facebook account, in some ways I felt I was forced, like some ultimate peer pressure, you weren’t “cool” if you weren’t on Facebook. I’ve never had a problem with being “cool” I don’t know if I am “cool” have been “cool” or even want to be, but I was swept along with the tide and I opened my Facebook account.

Immediately I was bombarded with friend requests, some had been friends on other sites, some were friends of friends and others were people that had an interest in my story and finally had a point of contact with me. It took up a lot of time. It’s hard to make 2,000+ friends! Well, it’s not as hard to make that amount of friends as it is to answer everyone, send gifts, playfarmville, answer friend requests and do all the other things that you are encouraged to do, it really is no wonder that companies were finding they were losing working hours to people logging into their Facebook accounts.

It was designed that way.

Facebook was designed to be addictive, even the way it was marketed by word of mouth was designed to make you believe that it must be fantastic if people were getting fired from their jobs for the amount of time they spent on their page.

But all is not as it seems, let’s all take a step back here, let’s pretend we are just sitting on a park bench watching the world go by…. Relaxed? Ok.

As we sit here people watching, what do we see? A man jogging, a woman walking her dog, kids playing, people sitting chatting, sharing a joke. But what do we really know about these people? Nothing, we see their height, approx weight, hair colour and we can make assumptions about other factors, age, occupation etc. But what if we can get all these people who are in the same place to start giving us this information? If you walked up to any one of these people and started asking them ten different personal questions, they would immediately become suspicious, and if you told them that they needed to give you this information so that they could use the park that they are already in, what do you think their answer would be? What would your answer be?

So why then is it that we so freely hand over this information to websites like Facebook? Do we really know what it does with this information and have any of us really read the terms and conditions? All 26 pages? I have tried to set up my own version of these sites, one that is more dedicated to debate and freedom of speech, it is one of the most difficult things that I have ever tried to do, you need to be powered by one of the big search engines and basically have their backing, so what makes one idea better than the other? Or maybe I should ask what was the other site willing to trade that I wasn’t? Access to your information and your computer, so effectively, access to your life. Imagine you were an intelligence agency, what better way of harvesting information, it’s given freely, nobody feels threatened so there is a less likely chance that the information is lies, especially when you make the site about finding people and being found.

I was sent an email a few months ago by a friend on Facebook, he sent the same mail to all his friends, it said that his computer had been scanned completely by Facebook and all his personal files copied, and as a result he would be closing his account immediately, he was a Zionist, not Arab, not Middle-eastern or what we might consider to be “Terrorist” material. Not a Facist or white supremacist but someone who believed in the God given right of Israel to have lands, proving that you can have friends and not necessarily agree with every word that they say.

He did indeed close his account, and shortly after I started to delve into his accusations, then, BANG! I came down one morning to find I no longer had a Facebook account! I received a message when I tried to log in telling me that my account had been disabled but nothing more. I tried contacting Facebook to ask for a reason, no reply, I tried to look on the help pages for reasons, that didn’t work either. I put “actions that will disable Facebook account” and other variations of the same into google, NOTHING! I have no comeback, no right of reply, no answers.

What I do have is 2,000+ Facebook friends that have no idea what has happened to me, some have sent me messages through my private email (which had also been hacked and my computer files infected I might add), or another site, many were upset as they thought that I had removed them from my friends list, definitely not the case. So to any of my former Facebook friends that may be reading this, my apologies, it was out of my control.

Having said that I am glad that it happened, after these events could you really call it coincidence? There are of course people that will say “Oh, there he goes with his conspiracy fairytales again!” All that I have to say to that is, my “fairytales” have never been as good as your government’s.