22 August 2010

Save our civilization from the New world Order.

Don't believe the lies, every vote counts and your expression of disappointment with your government will make a change. We are kept in an environment of fear to control us, ask yourself who benefits from our submission? Who gains from our fear and our readiness to relinquish the freedoms that we once fought so hard to attain but now hand over as if they were nothing of importance. You have the power use your voice, cast your vote, stand your ground. You can make a difference! Wake up! the power is in your hands!

16 August 2010

Your facebook page, 100% American CIA

Your facebook page, 100% American CIASince it's birth Facebook has gained more and more popularity. But what is the data you upload to your facebook page used for? Who controls it? Let's face it you put more about you on your facebok page than you would on any other kind of survey or questionnaire, phone number, date of birth, address, credit card details, business or occupation, contact details, the list goes on. It's no wonder that many a social welfare fraud has been caught out by their facebook page, but what else are they monitoring?