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15 November 2006

"write for right"

Saddam First Bush Next ?

Dear reader,
After several years out in the political wilderness (not that I necessarily consider myself a politician, if I were, it is certain that I would have two if not three faces as all politicians do) this world has finally acknowledged that I tried to warn everyone not just about Al- Chalabi but the rest of the interim and subsequent governments in Iraq.
Saddam's removal has been bitter sweet for me, I was always against the Regime but when I saw what America (I mean the American government and policy makers) was planning to replace him with I had to wonder whether removing him was a good idea after all. Iraq is now the most corrupt and treacherous country in the world, in the past three years it has submerged itself in blood without any signs of it coming up for air.
However, there is method to America's madness when supporting these criminals, just like Saddam if America takes you in and grooms you for greatness as it did with Al- Chalabi, you can be assured that when you have fulfilled your duties and are of no more use, your dirty laundry will be aired and you will find yourself on the wrong end of a rope for your trust and ambition. Future Dictators and Despots beware.
As for democracy, to what level does it really exist? As much as I have admiration for the idea of democracy, it is not often that it is actually seen truly in action, actually it is not so much the election of the parties as the fact that once they have power they rarely do what they promise and then repeat their lies to retain power once they've become accustomed to it. Some counties are more open about their elected dictatorships than others but my favourite example is the Irish, I live in Ireland, my wife and children are Irish and I have fulfilled the criteria to become Irish but have had my case refused on the grounds that the Minister for Justice Mr. Michael Mc Dowell has the final say on all cases, he has declined to meet with me and has sent me a letter asking me to refrain from contacting him until my new application which I lodged in February of this year is being dealt with somewhere in the first half of 2008. I understand that some countries may have been reluctant to make me their own while Saddam was in power, but it seems that no matter what government sits in power in Iraq I am persona non gratia.
I accept my failings, I am unable to keep my head down and my mouth shut, I cannot tell the wrong he is right and herein lies the problem, if I had shut my mouth years ago I could have several passports (most of the Iraqi government hold two passports) in my pockets and millions if not billions in my bank account but then I would be the one to be warned about.
If you are interested in doing some homework on me my new book "The Black Hole" detailing my first years in Europe after leaving Iraq, again probably another time I should have kept quiet but didn't, will be available at the beginning of December 2006.
On another important note, I have always been and will continue to be against the death penalty, if Saddam is to be hanged like a common criminal, I would suggest that his accomplices in murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis be alongside him but then I doubt if we could get Messrs Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al into the gallows at the same time.
I find what the Bush administration has done to the perception of America abroad reprehensible, America was the shining beacon of democracy an exemplar for the world, WAS. America now is possibly the most hated nation, viewed as patronising, opinionated and an outright bully. It is also interesting to note that America's coalition of the willing was apart from Britain no more than a coalition of the billing, one wonders if America had not offered so much in business and funding how many of their coalition would actually have signed up?
Even with the funding, America needed the coalition not to show power but to act somewhat as a diversion, with other countries involved America would not be the only target for the "terrorists".
Throughout Mr Bush's "war on Terror" followed quickly by "war on Iraq" etc he has not been focused on America as a nation and what his countrymen and women need or want, he has been focused fully on making a place for himself in the annals of history, for all the right reasons? I think not, but then I don't think that matters too much. Unfortunately, he has left America with a legacy that may take a long time to resolve, like any reputation America has spent decades building a reputation of tolerance, welcoming openness and greatness, in a very short eight years Mr. Bush has managed to tear it all down.
When Saddam Hussein purportedly rigged elections, punished those who did not agree with him and questioned the patriotism of anyone that did not see things his way, he was called a Dictator, Mr Bush is guilty of much the same behaviour but I do not hear the rhetoric that accompanies such activity, maybe he just controls the media better than Saddam did.
As not just an Iraqi but as a citizen of the world I believe that this madness should stop immediately and I will use everything in my power to bring some justice back to the world (for clarity, I use pens and my keyboard not AK 47s or roadside bombs).
Mr Bush has his "war on Terror" I have my "write for right".
This is the beginning.

I'm searching for a country that would be wiling to have me and my family, (that doesn't belong to America) I am not seeking special treatment; we just wish to live a quiet and peaceful life without harassment. Any offers? Contact me please
Sorry, but you must understand how happy I am to make this public.

Best regards to all

Latif Yahia.

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