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28 January 2007



Ireland 29- Jan -2007

Latif Yahia former double of Uday Saddam Hussein and author of three books "I was Saddam's Son", "the Devil's Double" and his most recent work "The Black Hole" released on 20/11/2006 has been the recipient of unwanted attention from the American (CIA) and Irish intelligence agencies, (interrogation, threats and house raids) Mr Yahia has also had his Yahoo! Account deactivated in the past week by Yahoo! (e-mail, website, groups, videos, anything that showed America in a true light) without any notification or comment. It would seem that although his parallel life with Uday Saddam Hussein ceased 15 years ago, that he would still be treated in the same manner as the "Devil" himself. (Yahoo! Saw fit to close Uday Saddam Hussein's account in 2001).
Mr Yahia has always been aware that the publication of his latest work would cause a ripple through the Intelligence services of the USA as it highlighted their covert actions in Europe under the fa├žade of Democracy, but felt somewhat confident that Ireland although it had a strong bond with America would honour it's European partnership.
It seems that this was not to be the case as the current Minister for Justice Mr. Michael McDowell denied Mr. Yahia's application for citizenship again on 17/01/2007.( after release of "the Black Hole" and subsequent media attention) (Please find a copy of letter of refusal attached) It stated in this letter that the denial was at "the sole discretion of the Minister", since his induction as Minister for Justice, Mr. McDowell has changed many laws in particular the laws of immigration/naturalisation, he has repealed the right of appeal against a negative decision. He has ceased the post-nuptial declaration of citizenship (effective 30/11/05) and has not signed into Law the Antiracism legislation which is in effect throughout Europe. Mr Yahia has lived in Ireland with his Irish wife and children, they have taken into their home Mr Yahia's mother, his niece Chimin 11 and his nephew Latif 9, the children's mother was killed at the beginning of the "War on Iraq 2003" during "Shock and Awe" when their home was hit by an American bomb, the children escaped with some injuries, Latif needed surgery on his eyes after they were peppered with splinters of glass during the explosion. Although Mr Yahia did not wish for his mother, niece and nephew to go through the asylum process in Ireland, there was unfortunately no other way that he could secure their future here and as yet it is not secure. It has been over a year since the application for asylum was made for Bahar Yahia( 67) and the two children and the initial refusal from the Refugee commission, since then Mr Yahia and his mother have undergone DNA tests in a bid to assure the Refugee Tribunal of their Maternal relationship but it is in vain.
Although Mr. Yahia's life story is recognised Internationally as being true and has been corroborated by International dignitaries and the CIA themselves, it seems that the Irish government do not wish to believe that Mr, Yahia's mother would be under threat if she were to return live in Iraq.
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