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29 April 2008

Our YOUTUBE could be shut down

We use Youtube to see what terrestial TV will not show us Reality, the reality of what is happening in our world. Do not be surprised if one day you try to click on our channel and it had been deleted, we have received two warnings,because we put up two exclusive clips of American soldiers in Iraq killing dogs for fun, we disagree with the taking of any life but when others are allowed to upload clips of be-headings etc and cruelty to our fellow human beings you would have to wonder where our humanity is? Keep watching for as long as you can, it is only a matter of time before we are completely censored!
YouTube was famous around the world for letting the people exercise their right to free speech but since they have been taken over by Google (who have previously deleted three of our other websites) it remains to be seen how open they will be in the weeks and months to come, we do not show video clips for shock value, we truly believe before we upload any video that it's content must be seen by as many people as possible so they can make their own judgment.For us it all adds to the story of the documentary we are making, each time we receive a warning or loose a website it is recorded on film. Is the end of Youtube nigh? in the end will all we be able to see on Youtube is sex clips because they will be all that is allowed? Wake up, there's a world out there and it needs to be saved and the story must be viewed.
For Peace.
Latif Yahia