03 June 2010

Wake up World!

By Latif Yahia
This video proves that we were all fooled and foolish to believe the propaganda pushed upon us from 2001 until this day. Nothing has "Changed for good" or bad. It is easy to forget or be bored by listening to the reasons that we were given for War, but if we do not learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. The next wars will not be for oil, but water, watch out Canada!
Listen and remember. We now know that all the reasons that we were given for war were lies, Regime change in Iraq was the only reason for the Invasion in 2003, as Saddam was tried and hanged for his crimes against Iraq so now should the perpetrators of the lies be brought to account, it is not just the lives of the Iraqi people that have been irrevocably changed, but the lives of many Americans, Britons and all the other Nations led by America on this fools errand. It is not enough to say"oh well, we're there now, we must continue and support our troops" If your government really were concerned about your troops they would have kept to their own rule "Never to put a single soldier in harms way without good cause".