13 October 2010

Brace Yourself !!

By: Latif Yahia

There are people who like to look at the tittles of my blogs and decide that they know exactly what I have written about without ever reading the article in it’s entirety, so for those few who have already decided that this article is about the purported threat to Europe by Al-Qaeda, it’s not.

I will however say that Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy, an enemy designed in such a way that each ‘cell’ is independent and knows nothing of one another, and therefore unorganized or at least not organized on a large scale. And while I am here discussing Al-Qaeda, can I just say for those who are reading this and may not know my viewpoint on the dreaded Al -Qaeda, it is that they are nothing but CIA in fancy dress.

There may indeed be an explosion or two in Europe, but nothing on the scale that the Americans would like or hope. You see it all comes down to the dollar, America is doing her best to keep hold of what dollars she has and that means no trips to Europe for her citizens and no tourism for Europe means a drop in the value of the Euro making the dollar stronger. When in your lifetime have you heard anyone saying or warning that Europe is not a safe place, have we become a third world country/ State?

Anyone who thinks that the German or French intelligence services are weak are wrong. I would never say that the British intelligence is weak but in the past they have been too mislead by the USA, hence 07/07, how many times will governments use that tactic to drag us into wars? ‘We have been attacked on our soil so we must run across the world and defend ourselves’ At least the British have left Iraq but for the life of me I still don’t understand why anyone is still in Afghanistan! Oh, hang on, the pipeline isn’t finished yet is it?!

So now on to the real topic of my article!

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 (who could forget) millions of Iraqis have been displaced, some within the borders of Iraq, some outside in the neighboring countries of Syria (God Bless them) and Jordan, but many made it to Europe, interestingly enough America only took 7,000 Iraqi refugees (translators and people who worked with them) and left the rest to Europe to provide shelter for. Thank you Europe. But while countries like the UK, Germany and even Ireland are heaving a sigh of relief that the stream of refugees is dwindling, we are in for a second wave. The political situation in Iraq is farcical, having had a democracy ‘installed’

after the fall of Saddam and the chaos and murder that followed, Iraq is now facing into a Civil war. A war that no one will be able to deny exists.

In the past the factions fought against each other under the backdrop of American military operations, it was labeled ‘inter-factional conflict’ and although it was very serious it was played down against the bigger picture. Now it will be a different matter, with the American troops pulling out of the cities the time for Iraq’s true problems to surface has arrived.

In the last election Malaki was defeated by Alawi, Malaki however would not and did not step down, no matter what the Americans said or did, no matter that Alawi had been Democratically elected, Noor al-Malaki said that he ‘would not step down and let Iraq fall into Sunni hands once more’. So where then is the democracy? Iraq now has a new dictator, and what is worse America has given into him and acknowledged that he is staying in his chair, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Malaki has given the go-ahead to payments amounting to 400 million Dollars for six American soldiers that have been damaged psychologically during the war. Well who asked them to come? And if one participates in a war and sees the brutality and bloodshed ‘up close and personal’ why wouldn’t they be damaged in some way? Is it to be a new system that whomever is invaded not only has to pay for the invasion but any psychological damages incurred by the soldiers of the invading force?

Sounds like a lucrative business.

Al-Malaki fronts the Iranian backed Shia parties, which also now means that Iraq is governed by Iran, so again how is Iraq better off?

In the past no one really paid any attention to whether you were Sunni, Shia, Christian or Jewish, we all fell under one heading Iraqi. Now not only do we have the main religious divides but smaller splinter factions that have seen what power religion can wield. Each Mullah is or has built his own army, Shia against Shia, each area has become an independent state, with the Mullah at the helm. This cannot be allowed to continue and is indeed unsustainable, but will cause bloodshed. Apart from the bloodshed there will be another mass exodus and they will head straight for Europe. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that the best part of 1.5 – 2 million Iraqis will make it their business to get as far away from Iraq as possible (let’s face it they’re not going to get to America so Europe it is) in the next one to two years. Will Europe be able to take the strain?

Iraq was built on blood, since the earliest days of civilization Iraq has been fought over and blood spilled on her soil. Maybe that is why we now see war and migration as nearly a ‘natural state’ of existence, but it has to stop. Maybe the idea is to cleanse Iraq of all the Iraqis by displacement or death but in any other country that would be considered genocide, obviously that name is ‘too good’ for Iraqis these days and is reserved only for the actions of Saddam ‘the last of the great dictators’, what we now have in Iraq is no better. When a man refuses to leave the chair to which he was ‘elected’ then you cannot say ‘democracy’ any longer, and if you cannot say Iraq and democracy in the same sentence what has the past Seven years all been about? Because it certainly wasn’t about WMDs or the salvation of the Iraqi nation, but shhh! We can’t say that now, we must just support the troops and hope that it all works out fine in the end otherwise we might be considered traitors or unpatriotic, God Forbid!

Then may I just add, what about freedom of speech?

And may I ask why Europe has to pay the price for America’s actions in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting refugees and protecting itself against threatened 09/11 style attacks?

I am very grateful to Europe and in particular Ireland, as I have spent the best part of 20 years here, Europe has given me a generally safe and in recent years a particularly happy life, which I would wish for anyone. Why should any of the European states be vilified or blamed for a war on which no one can agree or openly admit was wrong, by a country that closes its eyes and borders to the human tragedy that is the result of their actions. I think in light of the recent ‘terrorist threats’ against the great capitals of Europe, America and the world will see that Europeans are not as easily scared and molded as their American cousins.