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23 January 2011

Brian Cowan re-elected in 2011?
By: Latif Yahia

Since Fianna Fail and the PDs with the help of the Green party have done such a fantastic job of screwing the country and the people, we thought we should help their campaign for re-election on March 11th 2011. Because let's face it corruption is rife in Ireland and nothing is mightier than the brown envelope! From Justice, planning, the health system, education, the roads, nothing gets done without the right amount being placed in the wrong hands! Let's take back control of Ireland, what did our forefathers fight for? For Ireland to be free and independent for less than a century? I don't think so!
The argument stands, that no party is better than the other and as far as I can tell it is mostly true, what to do? Wipe the slate clean of all of the parties, interview them as if they were being interviewed for a job, because let's face it, they are employed by the people for the people are they not?
Let's make their campaign promises legally binding, whatever they promise they have to deliver or they're out! Let's make this lot pay back some of the debt that they caused by the banking scandal from all these fat pensions and payoffs, make their pay performance related, do a shit job and walk away with nothing not 2.3 million!
Come on people, Ireland was famous around the world for kicking the British out and being freedom fighters, what happened to us? DId the celtic Tiger make us forget? Was money the new panacea of the people?
Vote, vote for people you know and trust, not because your family is loyal to one party, this parish pump politics has to stop. Vote because you have seen that TD on the streets helping people when there were no cameras about, Vote because every time you went to your TD he actually did something for you, Vote because you love your country and want a good future for your GRANDCHILDREN because let's face it, it's too late for our children's generation. ONE THOUSAND people are leaving Ireland every week, things are worse now than they were in the late '70's and early 80's. Do something!. Show your children that you love them and your country and you don't want them to have to 'find a better future elsewhere'