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07 October 2009

Forty Shades of Conspiracy
New Book By: Latif Yahia

Product details
English Special Limited Edition
  • Hardcover: 340 pages Hardcover
  • Publisher: Arcanum Publishing: 1 edition (20 Nov 2010)
  • Language
  • ISBN-10: 0955419115
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955419119
Product Description
Forty Shades of Conspiracy The Sequel To The Black Hole, a True Story of the illusion of Democracy in Europe and how the American CIA are behind Every Door of Power. Latif Yahia was drawn to the Emerald Isle after remember what so many Doctors, Engineers and Contractors that he had met in Iraq had told him about their homeland. Looking for a country to take him in and welcome him as its own in 1997 Latif booked his flight to Dublin, Ireland's Capital city, using another assumed identity he went about destroying Latif Yahia and his Uday connections, surely this time he could be free of Iraq and all the pain that it had brought to him. Having settled into a comfortingly mundane routine Latif now Kaled was beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe this time it would work and he could finally live a quiet and normal life, hope unfortunately was to fade as his past caught up with him, but this time not in the form of the CIA, this time it was a woman and hell hath no fury like this woman scorned. Pandora's box was opened and all that Latif had hoped to leave behind came like a torrent, suddenly the Irish authorities were aware of his presence, with their close ties to America it did not take the CIA long to follow and the game continued... Because of his opposition to the war on Iraq in 2003 and the American's use of Shannon airport, Latif Yahia is still stateless after 18 years of exile in the West.

From the Publisher
Since our publication of The Black Hole, we have seen what
opposition is; when you meet someone who has truly experienced dictatorship

it is the opportunity to be thankful for liberty but not to be complacent.
When we met with Dr. Yahia, our first reaction was how fantastic it was
that he could come through these horrors and still be a happy functioning
Human Being.
But to hear of the injustices and humiliations that he has suffered here in

our Democratic countries is humbling, so often we as Western Nations press

upon the world that our way is the right or Only way. Having spoken with
Dr. Yahia and read his works. We at Arcanum feel that each and every one of

us should sit back and take stock of what we think are our freedoms and
The modern world is full of distractions, problems to keep the mind and
body on the verge of panic, the important question is what are we to be
distracted from?
Our eyes have been opened to the world around us and we hope that in some
small way yours will too.