22 October 2009

Worldwork and High Impact Leadership
Vision and Relationships

Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach
in Amsterdam, NL
27th - 29th November 2009

Leadership is no longer an attribute reserved for those on the top of the pyramid; it is a quality that must be developed across all teams, organizations, and communities, and in all individuals who wish to have impact on the creation of our future.
Leaders of the future must have a theoretical understanding of the principles that underlie the unpredictable paths that teams and organizations often take. They must have a set of skills and interventions to bring their visions and goals into the flow of these paths, and the inner work abilities to stay connected to their own inspirations and the sparks that move them.
In order to heighten the impact of their leadership, our future leaders must also be able to translate all of this into the real relationships that surround them, and to collaborate with the networks that they hope to influence.
This seminar will provide

* Worldwork concepts to understand and work with unpredictable, non-linear behaviors of teams and organizations.
* Process-oriented inner work tools to rediscover your vision and spark.
* Deep Democracy concepts and exercises to relate to team-members, independent of their willingness to collaborate.
* Worldwork methods to collaborate with networks to unfold the impact that they can have on your leadership.

Day 1: Vision and Inspiration

Each of us recognizes his or her own personal inspiration, which is ignited when the right spark is lit. The "reality" of our visions is challenged on a 24/7 basis by everyday reality, which at times looks impenetrable and unchangeable. We will show methods that bring together concepts from psychology, modern physics and native wisdom to develop the discipline to stay in "the zone" - the dream path that punctures through the rigidity of the status quo around you.

Day 2: The Magic of Relationships

The actualization of our visions and inspirations, no matter how strongly and clearly we carry them, depends on the ability to manifest them within the context of our relationships. Relationships enhance our visions, and create impact that can change the world. Many projects and teams fail in spite of a strong vision, because of the marginalization of the power of relationships. This day is devoted to discovering and enhancing relationship intelligence in connection to leadership, and the realization of your visions.

Day 3: The Power of Networks

Impactful leadership understands and includes the power of networks. Networks are formal and informal tribes with their own power structures and spirits that create and drive them. Impactful leadership uses tools to include and discover the spirits of these networks.
The Facilitators

Max Schupbach, Ph.D., Dip. PW, CPF, is a co-founder of the Worldwork paradigm. He leads maxfxx, a consulting group active on 4 continents, and coaches executives from the corporate world, governments, and non-profit groups. He is a co-founder and president of the Deep Democracy Institute, an NGO that develops leadership and coaching trainings in the Middle East, Africa and countries of the former Soviet Union.

Ellen Schupbach, Ph.D, Dip. PW, is a Certified Processwork Diplomate who specializes in the personal development of the leader and facilitator. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the spiritual experience of the facilitator and coach. Ellen is a co-founder and executive director of the Deep Democracy Institute, an NGO that aims to create worldwide leadership trainings to develop more collaborative systems in diverse societies.
All you need to know

The seminar starts on 9 am on November 27th and ends on 12 pm on November 29th.
Information and Registration:

Elena Chopin, Phone: +31 (6) 55521022

Price: 325,00 Euro

Venue: Hermitage Amsterdam, Auditorium
Amstel 51, 1001 GR Amsterdam

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